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Care Services

The Greater San Diego Chapter ALS Association provides expert advice and assistance for people living with ALS, free of charge.

Each person with ALS who registers with the Greater San Diego Chapter has access to staff members with extensive knowledge of ALS and local resources.  Our compassionate team members are available to help maximize health, independence, mobility, safety, and communication.  Through registration visits at the chaper office and in person home visits, phone calls, emails and collaboration with local medical care resources, including the Certified Center of Excellence ALS Clinic at UCSD, we are able to:

  • Help families navigate common challenges of living with ALS
  • Guide families through their health insurance and government benefits
  • Facilitate equipment loans
  • Demonstrate low tech, adaptive technology for communication challenges and daily living
  • Demonstration of equipment for improving safety, mobility and independence by local vendors
  • Help families implement recommendations from medical professionals
  • Find and access local resources and support
  • Provide information about Chapter programs and events
  • Distribute updates on ALS research and clinical trials
  • Connect people to opportunities to engage in advoacy efforts on behalf of the ALS community

Contact us today to register with our Chapter and begin receiving free, personalized services. You will be assigned to our Care Services Team who will work with you to determine your current and future needs. Studies show that people with ALS who receive comprehensive care experience a greater quality of life.

Our office is open Monday through Friday. Please contact us at 858-271-5547 or email us at

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Click HERE to learn more about the local Certified Center of Excellence ALS Clinic at UCSD.

You may also view our Affiliated Multidisplinary ALS Clinics and Centers of Excellence here.